Bestseller is a product that enjoys the highest popularity and is sold in huge quantities. This word applies to any product that has excellent sales. Today, we have made up a list of the bestsellers of Olde Walkerville Online Pharmacy!

Our Top 5 Best Selling Drugs


1. Generic Viagra

Generic Viagra (SIldenafil) increases the rush of blood to the penis. SIldenafil acts on the natural functions of the body, increasing erection, making it more long-lasting and stable. The duration of the agent is different for every man, but on average, it’s active for 4-5 hours. The pills should be taken 30 minutes before sexual intercourse. Viagra can be taken daily but not more than once within 24 hours. To feel the effect, a man needs to be sexually aroused. This top bestseller allows you to enjoy sex life and not be afraid of addiction.

Why men choose generic Viagra? This drug is preferred by most men because of the guaranteed effect. The undoubted advantage of this medicine is that erection occurs on the basis of natural physiological arousal (unlike injections). Also, sildenafil increases libido and removes anxiety.

2. Ventolin

Ventolin is a drug to eliminate asthma attacks and other reversible diseases associated with bronchial obstruction. The main active ingredient of Ventolin inhaler is salbutamol. The drug prevents attacks of bronchospasm due to allergic reactions and physical exertion. It’s also prescribed for long-term therapy of asthma and other obstructive pulmonary diseases (emphysema, bronchitis).

3. Female Viagra

Female Viagra is the best remedy for the treatment of sexual dysfunction in women. Its advantages are invaluable. The active substance is Sildenafil citrate. Female Viagra relieves soreness, rash, irritation and inflammation of the vagina, eliminates dryness and helps to restore the normal process of excitability before sexual intercourse. The drug is suitable for women who are in a climatic condition, allows to improve the blood circulation of the pelvic organs and increase the level of sexual libido. Female Viagra is excellent for diseases of the vagina. It also improves sensual sensations after surgery (including in cases of removal of the ovaries).

4. Viagra Super Active

Viagra Super Active is an innovative formula for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. The drug is available in gelatin capsules, thus a man can avoid heartburn or other unpleasant sensations in the stomach. This drug also has several advantages. It is absorbed faster and lasts longer. The principle of action is similar to the regular Viagra – it increases blood flow to the penis. Each capsule contains 100 mg of active ingredient, which is enough for any man. The drug is taken orally 20 – 30 minutes before sex. The action lasts for up to 8 hours, i.e. you will have the whole night to satisfy your partner. The tablets can be combined with food and a small dose of alcohol. Viagra Super Active is perfect for older men who have digestive problems.

5. Cialis Soft

Cialis Soft is another bestselling drug for erectile dysfunction. It has a long-lasting effect – up to 36 hours. The advantage of these pills is that they are recommended by most doctors for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and impotence. The active substance Tadalafil begins to act 30 minutes after administration. The difference between Cialis Soft is that it starts to act faster because of the method of application (soft tablets dissolve under the tongue). It can also be taken with alcoholic beverages and/or with fatty foods, which is absolutely not recommended for other ED pills.