Yaz Pills for Pregnancy Prevention

Today oral contraception is one of the most effective means to prevent undesirable pregnancy. The simplicity of use and minimal side effects are combined in female birth control pills «Yaz». Reviews about these contraceptive pills are extremely positive. Doctors confirm the safety and reliability of this preparation.

What is Yaz?


Generic Yaz is a monophasic oral contraceptive agent. Its action principle is similar to other monophasic drugs but differs in the advanced formula. The composition of this medicament includes fourth-generation drospirenone. Its effect is as close to natural progesterone hormone as possible.

Drospirenone eliminates water retention, because of which women suffer from swelling and increased body weight. Many women’s reviews also show such a positive moment as health improvement during the premenstrual period. This condition is familiar to many women: backaches, muscle, and joint pains, headaches, and others. Yaz effectively helps to get rid of these symptoms.


Reviews confirm that Yaz pills are a reliable method of contraception. But they are also recommended to those who have problems with skin (acne), hair (seborrhea) or if you feel sick during menstruation and premenstrual period.

Positive Issues

As specified by Olde Walkerville Online Pharmacy, women taking Yaz regularly observe menstrual cycle normalization, pain severity, and menstruation intensity reduction. This prevents the possibility of asiderotic anemia development. Yaz pills (doctors reviews based on research data prove it) reduce inflammatory diseases and female genital organ tumors risk.


One package contains 28 pills, four of which don’t have a contraceptive effect but aimed at achieving a placebo effect. The latter is revealed in women’s belief in the fact that pregnancy is impossible. This scheme allows Yaz to become the most effective drug and eliminate missed reception.

Yaz pills are to be taken every day, without missing, at one and the same time and sequence indicated on the blister. Breaks between old and new packages are unacceptable.

Menstrual cycles change or delay

  • To delay menstruation it is necessary to continue taking pills from the next package, skipping inactive tablets from the current package.pills Thus, the menstrual cycle can be extended for any period, until there are no more active tablets in the second package. On the second drug package, background spotting or breakthrough uterine hemorrhages may be observed. Regular Yaz intake is resumed after there are no more inactive pills in the package.
  • To remove menstruation to another day of the week, the next phase of inactive tablets reception should be reduced by the desired number of days. The shorter the interval, the higher the risk that menstruation won’t come, and later spotting and breakthrough uterine hemorrhages will appear while taking the second package.

How to Start Taking Yaz?

In order not to get pregnant, contraceptive therapy should be started on the first day of the menstrual cycle. It is acceptable to start on the 2nd or 5th day of menstruation, but only on the condition that next week of sex life will be carried out with additional barrier contraception. In case if previously similar contraceptive was used, Yaz administration should be started on the next day after the last contraceptive pill intake of preceding contraceptive agent. In case of extraordinary situations, it is necessary to carefully read Yaz instructions and follow recommendations. If earlier pregnancy was prevented by using vaginal ring or patch, pills are taken immediately after its removal, but not later than new ring is introduced into uterus.

Abortion is carried out during first trimester, does not require obligatory use additional methods of contraception. It is enough to start taking Yaz immediately after cleaning the procedure. After the successful abortion during the second trimester, the drug is administrated on the 21st – 28th day. If this is not possible, first condoms are used, then pregnancy must be excluded and only that therapy can be started.

If drug use is accompanied by vomiting and other disorders in digestion/food absorption process, this indicates that one or each following pills were missed. In this case, it is important to follow recommendations in Yaz pills instruction and additionally use barrier type of contraception.

Contraindications and Side Affects

Women using such a method of pregnancy prevention should know not only what to do if they missed one Yaz pill, but also get acquainted with drug contraindications. They are numerous:

  • hypersensitivity to one or more components;
  • lactation period;
  • benign or malignant hepatic tumors;
  • suspected or present pregnancy;
  • thrombosis;
  • migraines accompanied by neurological symptoms;
  • diabetes with vascular complications;
  • malignant diseases, depending on hormones;
  • pancreatitis and nephrotomy;
  • severe hepatic diseases;
  • vaginal hemorrhages of unknown origin, etc.

Yaz regular consumption can cause the following adverse side effects:

  • headaches;
  • vomiting and sickness;
  • unpleasant and painful sensations in breasts;
  • irregular uterine hemorrhage of unknown origin;
  • arterial and venous thromboembolism;
  • psychoemotional state disorders;
  • mood changes;
  • reduced sexual activity.


Serious violations at overdose were not reported. Based on the cumulative experience of combined oral contraceptives use symptoms that may be caused by active pills overdose are the following:

  • sickness;
  • vomiting;
  • vaginal spotting or metrorrhagia.

Treatment: no specific antidote; symptomatic treatment should be conducted.

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