Tips for Traveling to the U.S. With Medications

Tip#1: What medicines can you take in the USA?

Every person can take all the medicines prescribed by your doctor with you. The prescription should indicate the frequency of administration. Some travelers are recommended to translate recipes into English. The number of drugs is sufficient for the duration of the stay in the country, taking into account the dosage according to the prescription. Many drugs in Europe are sold over the counter. If this is first aid, there should be no restrictions from customs officers. However, it is better to go to the healthcare institution and ask for prescriptions for all these drugs.

Tip#2: What drugs can not be taken with in the USA?

Even if you have been prescribed these medications that contain these substances, they cannot be imported into the United States of America. Also, any medication must be certified in the States. Check certification using legal healthcare resources. Enter the Latin name of the drug in the search bar and see if it is certified in the USA. It is forbidden to import potassium permanganate, iodine, Corvalol, Valocordin, some antidepressants, most tranquilizers, many muscle relaxants, and pain medicationsTips for Traveling to the U.S. With MedicationsTip#3: How to take medications according to the rules?

It is necessary to declare all medications at the customs service. Each product must have a prescription with a stamp. Tablets are transported in original packages. The number of tablets should be proportionate to the needs of one person. It is advisable to carry medications in baggage except for those required during the flight.

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Tip#4: How is medicine actually imported into the US?

According to reviews from tourists crossing the border, restrictions about the importing of drugs are rarely made, only if the situation is completely suspicious. People are successful to carry 10 packs of tablets to relatives, blisters without prescriptions.

In most cases, when your bag has already been opened and the dissatisfaction was expressed, the medications will simply be confiscated. As a result, they will let you go. If the tablets are in your luggage, they can be taken out without your participation at all. However, if the drugs contain narcotic substances or something that can affect the psyche, you can be arrested under a severe article. Therefore, it is important to read the composition of each medication and check these substances for legality in advance.

You must understand what you are importing, be prepared to explain to the customs officer what the pills are for and what the substances they contain, but it is better to bring them immediately with a prescription, boxes, and instructions for use.

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