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Olde Walkerville Pharmacy: Online International Generic Service

Olde Walkerville Online Pharmacy is an online pharmaceutical company engaged in the sale of generics. This company has been present in the pharmaceutical market for several decades already. The company is run by an experienced administrator. The team is keen, super-talented, professional, creative, initiative, and young.Olde Walkerville Pharmacy_ Online International Generic Service

Extensive online catalog

Our online company provides our customers with a balance between the quality and price of goods. Our staff may give you advice on the use and storage of medications.

Our assortment includes over 300 positions: medications, herbal supplements, asthma inhalers, eye care products at competitive prices.

We ensure our customers with effective, reliable and safe products in order to improve the quality of life, in compliance with the laws, rules, and regulations of a licensed online pharmacy. Our administration selects reliable suppliers and manufacturers of products, develops relations with them on a mutually beneficial basis.

We are constantly expanding our online catalog and additional services. We are regularly monitoring the market for new pharmaceutical products to treat different health conditions.

Our tasks

The following tasks Walkerville pharmacy specified:

  • providing customers with effective, reliable and safe products in order to meet the company needs, in compliance with the laws, rules, and regulations of our online pharmacy;
  • the selection of reliable suppliers and manufacturers of products, the improvement of cooperation with them on a mutually beneficial basis;
  • expanding the range of products and additional services through monitoring the market for new pharmaceutical products;
  • continuous improvement of the quality system;
  • increasing labor productivity and reducing costs without minimizing the quality of online drugs;
  • improvement of customer feedback;
  • supporting a high level of staff qualification through systematic training, mentoring, certification;
  • formation of corporate culture and employee motivation systems based on personal achievements, to engage employees in the process of continuous improvement of the quality system.

High-quality drugs. Quality guarantee

Our pharmacy works to provide people only with high-quality, reliable medicines. At the same time, we try to offer reasonable prices for medications from our online catalog.

We present drugs that have passed the mandatory clinical trials to confirm their safety. Medications have Indian-FDA approval confirming their high quality.

Our main task is to fulfill the quality requirements of every product we have included in the online catalog.

One more aspect is focused on proper storage and transportation. Each drug requires special conditions, and therefore should be placed in a specially provided area:

  • some tablets, vaccines, etc. must be stored in the refrigerator;
  • products must be protected from excessive moisture and overcooling (adhesive plasters, cotton wool, bandages, etc.).

Our employees regularly examine the goods for packaging integrity, expiration dates, etc. This increases the drugs’ safety many times.

Proper storage is the key to high-quality drugs

Olde Walkerville Online Pharmacy has its own warehouse, where all necessary conditions are met. Homeopathic and synthetic preparations are kept clearly according to the requirements of the manufacturers.

After buying medication, it is also important to follow the conditions for its storage at home. If this is not indicated in the instructions, contact the pharmacist and find out the details.


  • A wide range of common, vital, and unique products;
  • Availability of a licensed warehouse with all equipment for storage;
  • Individual approach and comprehensive advice to each customer;
  • round the clock customer care department;
  • Worldwide shipping;
  • Regular training for pharmacists.

Legal online pharmacy

Our main goal, as a legal online pharmacy, is to provide high-quality, reliable pharmaceuticals to people all over the world. Prices for drugs are affordable, appropriate to their quality.

The convenience of cooperation with our online service lies in the ability to look through the assortment in the online catalog, if necessary, to order drugs online. If you need advice or recommendations of any kind, pharmacists are always ready to carry out competent consultations.

Our customers are confident in drugs’ quality because we strictly follow all established by-law standards. We adhere to the prohibition policy on counterfeiting. There are quality certificates for medications, we strictly adhere to the conditions of transportation, storage of medications.


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